Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Hola and welcome back to our adventures! It’s been a while (Since January) since we’ve taken a trip – and oh, did we miss it! This time, we went to Orlando, FL for two full weeks. We did Disney, Clearwater, NASA, and more and had fantastic weather to boot – we couldn’t have been happier.

Getting There

We actually DROVE down to Florida from Ottawa in Canada, which for those of you who don’t know, is a 22+ hour drive – or about two days of driving including stops. It was super cool to see the foliage, scenery, and cultures change on the drive down (as well as the temperature getting HOTTER!).

Magic Kingdom

Our very first Disney park was MAGIC KINGDOM (you know, the one with the Castle?) and we had pretty good weather for it. It was sunny and super hot. We were in the park from open to close, which is 9am – 9pm (a 12 hour day!) but I’m glad we got to do so much and see almost everything we wanted to see. We did the teacups ride (above), saw an incredible fireworks show (below) and went on many, many other super fun rides! The atmosphere, theming and interactive cue lines were amazing, even though line-ups could be long sometimes – they didn’t seem too bad with all the cool stuff you can do while proceeding through the lines!


Fireworks Show

We managed to get a great spot for the fireworks/projection show at Magic Kingdom. They do these shows EVERY night, which is crazy! The music, projections and fireworks were very well done and we were incredibly impressed with the show overall and how the crowds were managed. Lots of people, but well organized! Getting back home after the show was a lot better than we anticipated as well.


The Food

So, we HAD a plan to make our lunches ahead of time and bring them into the park with us to save time and money from waiting in lines and purchasing food there ($9.00 USD for a hot dog?!). That didn’t go so well for our first day because we FORGOT our lunch! Regardless, we got some good hot dogs, a giant turkey leg (for Marco, of course) and a yummy slushy complete with Disney silly straw! The meals were ok, but we packed our lunches for the remainder of the trips!

The Culture

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has different “areas” or “zones” throughout the park which all signify different cultures or time periods and the zones are very well themed. The theming is what makes Disney World so special. Characters only appear in zones that are relevant to their “theme”, the music is theme specific, what they sell in the shops, the food, the architecture – EVERYTHING! Way more interactive and “magical” than your typical amusement park.

Character Meetings

Meeting Characters is super cool and fun – especially if you get to meet your fave Disney character! We found the wait times were pretty lengthy for a quick meet and greet and photo-op – we are adults after all. The characters are always IN CHARACTER – no matter how old you are, so prepare for some cheesy conversations and funny comments straight outta the films. I endured the 45 minute wait to meet Ariel from The Little Mermaid because she is my all-time fave, but we didn’t bother to wait for others. Unless you are a kid, or with a kid, it’s a long wait time for a photo!




1 Hour Excursion – At Home

Hello All! It’s been a while – again. We are TWO days away from heading to NYC for New Year’s Eve and we cannot be more excited. We took a little excursion into the woods the other day to take some pics and explore before the holidays began, see below the results!

Blowing Snow
Marco is quite the photographer! We took out the camera for about an hour. I shot some pics of him [even though he wasn’t a fan!], he shot some pics of me and the glorious 10-second-timer got some pics of both of us!

Being Silly
We got some good ones, some bloopers, some blurry ones – but at the end of the day, it was all about having some fun and making some memories. We will most likely get some of these developed for the family album!

Awesome Posts
I’ve posted some of these on our HastagTourists Insta page as well as my personal Insta page @BrixRoz. I’ve also begun a fashion/lifestyle blog webpage you should check out as well (don’t be surprised if you see some similar pics – no, nobody is stealing my pics, It’s just me!).

Take Away
Even though we froze out fingers (and our butts!) off, it was a good little escape for about an hour to get some fresh air, snap some pics and get away from it all. We cannot wait to snap some more pics in NYC – so stay tuned for those!

Have you taken any pics in the snow lately? Do you get snow where you currently live? I’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a comment below!

3 Reasons To Take “Candid” Photos

Most people strive for those awesome “caught off guard” or “I didn’t know there was a camera there” shots and there are good reasons why. Personally, I am terrible at posing for photos. I am downright awkward, I never know what to do and I am almost never satisfied with the end result. I actually saw many folks posting these seemingly “candid” photos and thought “I’m gunna try that!”. Here’s my findings:

The Subject Is More Comfortable
Ever tried to pose, smiling for a photo, in a crowded tourist hub while people keep walking in front of your shot and others are getting flustered waiting for you to hurry up? Maybe I’m alone here, but I surely have felt this way more than once! When we made the switch to try some “candid” shots it just felt more natural and comfortable and I didn’t feel as awkward posing for a shot around people.

More Pics/Poses to Choose From
When you take a bunch of shots while the subject is moving around and trying different things it allows you to have so many more options when it comes to selecting the best shot/pose and editing. I found when I posed for photos I would maybe do one to three different poses max before giving the spot light to someone else who wanted a nice photo as well. Some photos turn out blurry or out of focus, but you have a tonne of other great ones so I find that it balances out.

Photos Are More Comfortable/Relatable
Nobody really stands naturally the way they do while posing for photos. With “candid” shots (I put candid in quotations because I know the camera is there and taking photos, so not true candid) the poses and stances will better resemble how you look and move in real life and will make you more relatable to your audience. It also looks a lot more natural and authentic.

These are my personal opinions and realizations for shooting candid vs. posed, but if you disagree or have anything to add to this please drop us a comment and I would love to hear from you!