Day Trip: Disney Springs

OK – So first of all, I am so used to calling this place “Downtown Disney”. Does anyone remember that or was I hallucinating this whole time? Disney Springs sounds way more boujee than Downtown Disney – but rightfully so, it is pretty fantastic.

The “Springs” 

Disney Springs is essentially a shopping and eating district. It is not an amusement park and you do not need to pay admission, you can park and walk right up and enjoy! What you do need to pay for is everything else. There are really cool themed restaurants, Disney shops and other shops (not Disney related), and there is even a huge hot air balloon ride that you can get on Groupon for like $11 USD! The balloon takes you up 400 ft. in the air. We really wanted to do this but it was closed when we arrive sadly.

The Shops

There SO many shops, but my FAVE was the lego shop. There are wicked cool lego creations you can take pics beside and there’s even a sea monster lego IN THE LAKE! You can purchase cool lego sets or buy your lego pieces individually along the big lego-piece wall (idk if that’s what they really call it lol). They also have a shop where you can design your very own t-shirt, but they were all out of Marco’s size when we went (boo!).

The Restaurants

SO – we didn’t actually eat here – BUT they do have lots of really cool restaurants and some are themed to the nines (Rainforest Cafe!). There is a lot to choose from and the scenery and atmosphere is so nice here – just like any Disney Park, or really anywhere in Florida for that matter (anywhere with Palms is good for us!). The food smelled so good, but we had dinner waiting for us at the house so we decided to pass up some noms on this day trip.

What’s The Deal With Tacos?

Lately there has been a HUGE influx of Mexican restaurants popping up all over Ottawa (just downtown there is a Chipotle, El Camino’s, Zak’s Cantina, Ace Mercado’s, Ahora, Burrito Burracho, to name a few). Not only this, but most restaurants now have Taco Tuesday’s and they aren’t even restaurants you would think sells tacos. You can buy clothes and merchandise with tacos all over it and I often seen many meme’s of tacos all over my Facebook feed. So, what’s the deal with Tacos?

They Are Delicious
Obviously. I am sure most people reading this post, if not all, have tried a taco at least once in their life (and if you haven’t you’re missing out!). You can literally put anything into a soft or hard taco shell and it will taste amazing.

They Are Easy To Eat
A little messy, yes, but easy to eat. They are usually a pretty decent size which makes it easy to bite into and enjoy. I personally prefer soft shell tacos because they are easy to eat and usually less messy than hard shell.

So Much Variety
Sure, there’s the typical beef, salsa, lettuce and sour cream tacos (which are great!) but you can have pulled pork tacos, fish tacos, chicken tacos, shrimp tacos, honestly anything tacos. I have had fish tacos at an incredible number of different restaurants and they all taste different. Typically they will make them with a battered and fried fish, some sort of mayo-and-something-else sauce, lettuce and avocados, but I have had so many (and delicious) variations of these.

I don’t reckon I’ve ever had an expensive taco, however one probably exists out there. I can usually find them anywhere from $2.00CAD – $5.00CAD per taco or three for $13.00CAD – $15.00CAD which often comes with a side dish. I find this pretty reasonable given all the food that comes inside one of those things.

Tacos are probably one of my favourite foods. I really enjoy fish or shrimp tacos and usually this is my go-to meal when we go out for dinner. Do you feel the same way about tacos? Do you think they may be slightly over-hyped? Drop us a comment below, we would love to taco-bout it!

3 Things To Do In 1 Evening In Ottawa

The other day when I got off work it was beautiful out (we haven’t seen many nice days this summer) so I decided we would take a walk downtown Ottawa and check out a few spots. I work right downtown Ottawa on Dalhousie St. so it was easy to get to and we didn’t need to pay for parking – bonus! Here are five things you can do in one evening downtown Ottawa.

Check out Major’s Hill Park
This gorgeous park offers something new at various times of the year. In the summer it hosts many festivals, concerts and is just simply amazing to go to. There are statues and historical structures you can check out and it has an amazing view of Parliament Hill – be sure to get a pic!

Photo 2017-07-21, 19 07 01

The National Art Gallery
This beautiful glass building is not only a pleasure to look at and photograph but it also houses some of the most incredible art! They often have different temporary exhibits open to the public as well as some amazing permanent exhibits as well. People often take wedding photos or prom photos in this building because it is so beautiful!

The nicest thing about the Gallery is that it is usually not overly crowded so you can really enjoy and appreciate the artwork and your experience. Try to go on an afternoon during the week.

Byward Market
Everything is pretty close downtown Ottawa so it won’t take you long to walk or bike from MHP to the Byward Market. Check out Clarence St. for some good noms and drinks! We went to El Camino’s which is a Mexican restaurant originally on Elgin St. They are super popular and make amazing taco’s and Margarita’s!

You can also often find street buskers or local farmers or vendors selling their goods in the centre of the market. They sell anything from fruits and veggies, to maple treats, to clothing and jewelry. It’s always important to support local businesses and families.

Have you been to any of these spots? Any awesome spot that we didn’t mention? Drop us a comment and let us know!