Day Trip: Washington D.C.

On our drive back home from Orlando, Florida we decided to take a quick stop in Washington, D.C. We drove past it on the way down, and since it is somewhere we’ve never been we really wanted to go check it out. We didn’t have a LOT of time, so we only stayed in Washington, D.C. for about 3 hours total, but we got to see a whole lot!

Getting There

Washington traffic is crazy! It’s stressful enough driving in a city you are unfamiliar with, but pair that with lots of traffic and I was STRESSIN’! We found parking alright smack in the middle of everything which was nice because we could just walk around to all the attractions. Everything [worthy of sight-seeing] is located really close together in Washington, so we were able to see the sights even in crunch mode.

The City

It was pretty quiet and calm when we went, despite the traffic (weird, I know). I’m not sure if it was because it was rainy, because it was a weekend, or because they had a DC Bike Ride going on – but it was really nice. There weren’t too many people which meant we could get some pretty cool pictures without too many people getting in the shots (it still happened though, of course). We also really loved that everything was within walking distance of each other, can every city be like this, please?

The Jefferson Memorial

This place was breathtaking. It’s so huge when you are standing at the bottom of the steps looking up. Once inside, it is really quiet and there are all sorts of quotes written on the walls of the memorial. There’s also a giant Thomas Jefferson inside! Also, there is marble like ALL OVER Washington, I wanted to take some home with me HAHA. Did I mention the attractions are mostly free? We didn’t pay a cent while in Washington.