New York City

Guys! This is so, so late – like REALLY late – but I realized we hadn’t done a story yet on our New Years trip to New York. I am sure you’ve been following on Instagram (hopefully!) but if not, here’s the run-down:

Getting There

Getting to NYC from Ottawa was hell – literal hell. We made it after all but it could have been WAY better than what it was. Firstly, there is no train that leaves from Ottawa to New York directly, so we had to be driven from Ottawa – Montreal (2 hours). There, we waiting for over 4 HOURS for our delayed (FROZEN) train. It was so cold it couldn’t move, welcome to Canada!

After we got on the train we were delayed 1.5 hours at the border to the USA and again for another hour in Albany to attach another train car they LEFT BEHIND in MTL – incredible. We didn’t arrive in NYC until after 3am.


We stayed in a home rental in Brooklyn, which was super nice with modern furniture and only about 20 minutes or so from Manhattan. I HAD photos of it on my old phone, which is now toast – so sorry but you’ll have to do with these pictures of the Manhattan Bridge and Dumbo Brooklyn.

It was WAY cheaper than any hotel or motel we could have got, especially for that time of year – and it was an entire HOUSE! I would recommend doing a home rental for your next trip if it’s feasible.

Empire State Building

A word of advice – DO NOT GO UP HERE WHEN IT IS SNOWING. Not only is it a billion times colder (probably an understatement) than on the ground, but you can’t see very far when it’s snowin’ and blowin’ way up in the sky. It is beautiful and we made the best of it, but boy was it FRIGID!

Times Square

This was what it was all about! Good ol’ Times Square. It was crowded, and cold, but just to be there in the middle of it all was incredible. We did a whole lot of walking, and I was a dumb dumb and wore HEELS to walk around NYC. Nonetheless it was a great experience and we even saw Steve Harvey (from far, far away LOL).

Brooklyn Bridge

Again – COLD (are you getting the theme here?). It was ridiculously cold and windy up here. It was also crazy crowded (notice a bunch of people in our shots, how dare they LOL). It was super cool to walk the bridge (we only went half way) and see the NYC skyline from the other side. I would recommend going in the summer though, or at least when it isn’t 20 below zero.

New Years Eve

The moment you have all been waiting for… THE ENGAGEMENT! Guys, I had NO IDEA Marco had this planned. It was crazy surprising and I couldn’t have asked for any better. He proposed to me at the countdown until 2018. New Year, new plans and new big things to look forward to! So many people were taking pictures and videos of us, it was insane. FYI – the wedding is being planned for 2019 – so stay tuned for that!