11 Ways to Survive a Long Car/Bus Ride

For some, a long car ride could be 2 hours and for some it could be 16 hours. Whatever feels like a long commute to you be sure you are prepared for the travels that lay ahead. There is nothing worse than starting off your vacay feeling irritable or bored due to dull travel.

Portable Chargers
Seriously, these are life savers. Nowadays electronics are our saving grace, especially if you work remotely or just love the internet. Make sure to bring car adapters if you are going on a road trip or even portable chargers/batteries for your devices.

Pre-Download Apps/Games
If you are bringing electronics you may want to download or instal your apps or games beforehand (preferably on wifi). This can save you data usage (and money!). This is especially useful if you will be travelling into another country where you may be subject to roaming fees.

Travel Pillow
Or just a regular pillow – but either way bring something to lay your head on. You may become sleepy and want to take a nap, and trust me – pillows are WAY better than the guy-sitting-beside-you’s shoulder.

This ties in with the pillow – if you are travelling with others or on a bus/train they can usually blast the A/C way up past your comfort level. Either dress warm/in layers or bring along a small throw blanket to keep you warm and toasty. Personally, I am always cold so this is an essential for me when travelling.

Not a fan of the music playing on the radio? Want to drown out the noise of that crying baby on the bus? Now introducing – headphones! You can purchase these for cheap really anywhere and chances are you already own four pairs anyways (check under the couch). Don’t forget to check these off your packing list!

Bring along some bottled water or beverage of your choice. The more you bring with you at the start of your travels the less times you will need to stop along the way to pick up stuff you forgot! You can use the empty bottle to pee in later when you need to go (JUST KIDDING!).

Don’t wait to buy these at the train or bus station. Bring as many snacks as you possibly can, you will not regret it. I have not and will not ever regret packing food because you never know when you will get hungry (or bored) and want to snack on a little something. Personal favourites include, but are not limited to; Chips (any kind), granola bars, veggies and dip or hummus, sandwiches/wraps.

Don’t forget to document your memories! Always bring along a camera or smartphone with a good camera so you snap photos of the scenery or your passed out friend in the seat beside you.

Bring along a doodle pad or notebook if you are into writing, drawing or just jotting down notes. Technology is great for all these things but nothing quite compares to hand-written sketches or notes.

A Friend
Bring a friend, partner or family member along with you on your travels – unless you really love travelling solo. If you are outgoing you can meet new friends along the way, but I always enjoy the company of familiar faces. Having someone to talk to, experience things with and share memories with is always an amazing feel and certainly makes your travels much more enjoyable.

Air Freshener
If you are going to be in a car with people and food it could get stinky. Bring along an air freshener – whether it’s the ones that hang from your mirror or a spray you will be glad you brought along!

Hoping these tips & tricks were helpful! Will you be bringing any of these items along on your next car, bus or train ride? Is there anything we missed that you find helpful? Drop us a comment below – we would love to hear from you!

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