Live Like A Tourist, Spend Like A Local

When travelling to new and exciting places you will often find that prices are hiked up nearly anywhere you go, or so you think. Business will hike up prices around tourist destinations because they know that people will purchase these items at whichever price they choose and they’ll make a pretty penny off doing so too.

Go To Grocery Stores
Depending on your length of stay you may not want to eat restaurant food every night. You may also want some things to snack on throughout the day or even have some drinks handy while hanging out at your room or on the beach. If you trek a little bit out into the town and visit their local grocery store you can find items that are not over priced and are most likely cheaper than similar products you may find back home (depending on exchange rate and economy, of course).

Visit The Liquor Stores
Same thing goes with booze. You will pay way too much for a watered down and sugary drink at the resort or hotel you are staying at and restaurants in the area will over charge for this as well. Venture away from the tourism and hit up the local liquor store for some cheap drinks. When we were in Mexico we could buy one bottle of Corona for $1.00 USD (~18 pesos) but they were charging 60 – 70 pesos at the restaurants! That’s more than three times the price!

Visit Smaller Restaurants
If you go even just a few blocks away from the busy tourist centre you can often find restaurants that serve delicious dishes for a fraction of the price of one closer to your hotel. The food is equally as good, they are not as busy and the prices are lower! Sometimes you can even find traditional dishes that they may not serve in the “tourist” restaurants.

Shop at Local Businesses
When we were in Playa Del Carmen we were (literally) steps away from a shopping mall complete with Forever 21, Victorias Secret and Starbucks. These are large, chain stores and usually the prices here will not be significantly different from the price you would pay to buy the product back home. Instead, check out the local shops for souvenirs, clothing, shoes, or whatever you may need. These locals rely on these sales for their income and occasionally you can find items at a cheaper price than bigger box item stores.

These are just a few pointers on how we saved some precious cash while travelling. It won’t always be possible to do this depending on your destination but where you see an opportunity to save some money, do it! No sense in throwing money down the drain because you never know when you are going to need it. Hope this was helpful and you’ve learned a little something. Have you done any of these before? What were your experiences? Drop us a comment below!

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