Why Travelling With Your Partner Is The Best

Some travellers prefer to go solo, with their friends, family or with their partners. These all have their own perks, however travelling with your partner can be a whole new world of adventure, learning and discovery on an interpersonal level.

You’re Never Alone
When travelling to far and foreign places it can be intimidating and nerve-racking if you’re making the trek on your own. It’s always a great feeling to know you have your partner by your side whether you are on the right track or a little lost or confused. Your partner can be there to reassure you, answer your questions or be just as confused as you are with you and vice-versa.

Cheaper Accommodations
For solo travellers, depending on where they stay, they usually pay more for accommodations as hotel room prices are usually based on double occupancy. I am sure they can find hostels or other means which may work out cheaper for them, however if you plan on staying in a hotel or on a resort it is always best to go with at least one other person.

You Learn About Each Other
It may not occur consciously but you will learn so much about your partner on your vacay. From how they behave in foreign places to how they deal with stressful situations you can really learn a lot about each other. The other amazing thing is that you only have each other. Aside from the people you will meet on your holiday it is really just the two of you venturing the world together. You will rely on your partner more than you think you will and most of the time (unless you decide to go your own ways) you will be glued at the hip for the duration of your stay.

Experiencing New Things Together
If I go on a trip somewhere new and exciting I want to make sure Marco will be there with me to experience it as well. From seeing new sights, learning new things and tasting new foods I know I want to do it all together. When you look back years down the road you will be able to share the same stories and reminisce together on all the great times you had!

You Compliment Each Other
By travelling with your partner you are sure to have a few different interests (unless you are exactly the same person) and this leaves room for opportunity to see and explore some things you may not have done if you went alone or with your friends/family. Marco likes to relax and swim on the beach and I like to go out and explore and sight-see, we did both! I never thought I would go on vacay to rot on a beach but I did it for two days of our trip and actually really enjoyed it. Marco also stepped outside of his comfort zone and went zip-lining, walking, exploring, swimming and climbing with me on some amazing excursions. We both enjoyed our time and were able to do things we may not have if we travelled with someone else or alone.

Easy To Plan
With just two people travelling it is SO much simpler to plan and organize a trip than with a large group of friends or family. You only need to book two plane tickets, one room with one bed and you’re (usually) departing out of one location. When I booked our trip to Mexico it was a few clicks here and there, input credit card information and presto! we were booked for our holidays with no complications, rescheduling or cancelling.

Does this sound like your partner and you? Are there any areas I didn’t touch on that you think are great reasons to travel with your partner? Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Why Travelling With Your Partner Is The Best

    • BrinaR August 6, 2017 / 5:25 pm

      Yes, that’s the best part!!


  1. Nawab Tanweer Ahmad August 7, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    100% right. I always travel with my family, my wife and two children 13years old son and 10 years old daughter. And belive me its too awesome to travel with them then traveling alone. And you will never forget the trip as someone from us discuss the trip when sit together. Below is link to my travel blog hope you like it.


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