7 Weekend Plans To Wrap-Up Your Summer

As we are fast approaching the end of our precious summer, we have compiled 7 ideas for you to do on your last weekend of the summer holidays. Whether you’re going back to school or work you’ll want to use this long-weekend to your advantage. So back up your bags and let’s go!

You may have never gone camping before or you’ve been thousands of times, but take advantage of the warm weather while it’s here and go sleep in the forest! All you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, and some good friends to go enjoy a weekend away melting marshmallows and cracking cold ones!

Road Trip
If you have access to a vehicle take it out for the weekend and road-trip somewhere you’ve never been before! You don’t need to go far from home to find a place to explore. Gather up some friends, your partner or your family and hit the road!

Romantic Getaway
Need a holiday for just the two of you? Book a hotel room in your city or even elsewhere so it feels like you are on a romantic getaway. Go out for a fancy dinner date, get dressed up and have fun! You can even splurge and get one of those rooms with a jacuzzi (ooh la la!).

Chances are there is some sort of concert, show, or event going on in or around your city. Check out the local papers or website for upcoming things to do, book a ticket and go! Local events usually are pretty affordable and you don’t have to go too far. Experience something new in your town.

Bike Ride
If you don’t have a bike – rent one! Weather permitting, going on a bike ride is a great way to exercise and have fun. Get outside, have some fun and get active in the process!

The Beach
You may not have a beach nearby depending on where you live, but if you do take advantage of the last weekend of summer and enjoy! Pack up a cooler with snacks and drinks, get your bikini on and take a trip down to the water. The water will get cool fast so take your last few dips in the water without freezing your butt off!

Dog Park
If you have a dog, that is. If not, adopt one – they are super cute. Take your pooch to the local dog park, get some exercise walking and some fresh air and let your little buddy enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is still warm. Going to the dog park is also a great way to meet new friends – both your dog and you!

Will you be taking advantage of the long-weekend? Comment below what your plans are – we would love to hear from you!


Small Travels On A Budget

Like most people, we cannot afford to live from our laptops and travel the world every week of every year. We love to travel, but it does come at a pretty penny. We aim to do two bigger trips per year, and by bigger trips we mean a new destination we have never been to before that is outside of our country and ideally outside our time zone. So how do we fit in smaller trips on a budget?

Set A Limit
Most of my extra cash from my pay or any bonuses I get will go towards saving for a big trip for Marco and myself. I don’t like to cut into these savings too much as I want to make sure we are able to afford our much-needed getaways. When planning smaller trips I do set a limit for the amount I want to spend and try really hard not to go over this limit (sometimes you just have to). For example, I will set $300.00 as my limit for a weekend away and this forces me to stay at cheaper hotels and really look for deals.

Look For Sales/Sell-Offs
You can usually find cheap last-minute deals on hotels or look for sales or coupons for events, attractions or restaurants you want to visit. Again, never be ashamed of saving money! Use all of the coupons you can get your hands on. Pro Tip: If you are going as a couple you can sometimes find two-for-one deals or “couple dinner and show” type packages to save some big bucks!

Stay Close
You can have an amazing week or weekend away from home without going too far from home! The further the destination the more expensive your travel is going to be. We drive nearly anywhere but gas can still get costly. From Ottawa, it is a two-hour drive to Montreal and a five-hour drive to Toronto. Both of these cities have plenty to offer and they are far enough away from home that we feel we are getting a true break away from routine. The hotels are not overly expensive (depending on where you stay of course) and then cost in gas is reasonable.

Go Sightseeing
Sightseeing is FREE! Unless you choose to get a guided tour, walking around and taking photos is absolutely free once you have arrived. You can easily check out the internet for hot places to see or directions and you can walk about at your own pace. I personally love just walking around, checking out the sights and snapping some great photos to add to my Insta collection.

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Do you do anyone of these? Will you do any of these? Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

3 Ways We Stay Organized Prior To Travel

As a part of my personality, I always make it a priority to be extra organized and prepared at all times. I also really like for things to be aesthetically pleasing, clean and tidy. I am like this in all aspects of life, however, I felt like we really benefited from this during our travels. We experienced minimal stress, nearly always knew what we were doing and where we were going and if we didn’t we were able to quickly redirect ourselves and steer on the right path.

Keep Everything In One Place
It goes without saying, but keeping all your travel or related documents in one spot is key to making sure you have everything you need and allows you to perform a quick inventory check on your items. Keeping your stuff together also helps to make sure you do not misplace or lose any important documentation that could be costly or even dangerous to lose or have fallen into the wrong hands. We have a file folder we use to keep everything from bills, invoices, receipts, travel documents and even our passports.

Make Lists
If there is one thing that saves me it’s making lists. Whether you want to make a quick note on your phone or download my FREE Travel Planner to use make sure you make a record of everything you need to do. Not only does doing this give you a good visual of the things you have already accomplished as well as the things that you need to get done but it also helps you stay on track and ensure you do not forget anything important. I created this planner to better help myself stay organized as well as you!

If you think you’ve done everything you need to do, check, check again! This has saved me many times because I think of something else that may be important to do or remember something I haven’t done yet. Make sure you go over everything at least twice before taking off into foreign lands!

You don’t want to arrive at your destination and realize you forgot some serious essentials. Always make sure you are organized and have things well-planned prior to take-off. Even for your spontaneous travelers out there, you can always do something on a whim but it only takes a few minutes to make a quick checklist (even a mental one!) to make sure you have everything you need. Do you use any of these tricks? Do you have any other pointers you would like to share? Drop us a comment, we would love to hear from you!