LaMachine Ottawa Day One

I was amazed because I had only heard of this event days before it’s debut here in downtown Ottawa and yet somehow everyone was aware it was happening. I work downtown Ottawa near the Byward Market, so I am a stones throw away from all the action. I often go out for walks on my lunch breaks to see some sights and sounds during Ottawa’s busy tourism season (See: Tourist For A Day).

Photo 2017-07-27, 12 52 38

What Is It?
LaMachine is an event where huge robotic creatures take over your city complete with smoke, lights, water and more! They have these super cool debuts of the robots and you can watch as they walk your streets and tour around. This is the first time they do this in North America and will be hanging out in Ottawa from July 27th – July 30th. If you’re in the area you should check it out.

Leaving work today (Friday) was even more difficult than usual as there are quite a few road closures right downtown off Sussex Dr. and the Byward Market. I decided to skip out on the show tonight but we will be hitting downtown tomorrow to see the other creatures and spend the day roaming about. Tip: Park far from the downtown core and walk to the Byward Market to avoid parking frustrations and traffic jams. If you can take the bus, bike or walk then do this instead of driving!

On my lunch break yesterday I was able to see Kumo – the spider – which was resting on top of the Notre-Dame Basilica. It was suspended by a crane and was later on lifted down to the ground in the event “Kumo Awakens”. We will being seeing the other machine tomorrow and will update you with a LaMachine Ottawa Day Two tomorrow – so stay tuned! There is still Long Ma to see, which is a a large dragon machine. We cannot wait!

Do you plan on going or have you seen this event in your city or elsewhere? Share your experience with us below by dropping us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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