3 Reasons To Take “Candid” Photos

Most people strive for those awesome “caught off guard” or “I didn’t know there was a camera there” shots and there are good reasons why. Personally, I am terrible at posing for photos. I am downright awkward, I never know what to do and I am almost never satisfied with the end result. I actually saw many folks posting these seemingly “candid” photos and thought “I’m gunna try that!”. Here’s my findings:

The Subject Is More Comfortable
Ever tried to pose, smiling for a photo, in a crowded tourist hub while people keep walking in front of your shot and others are getting flustered waiting for you to hurry up? Maybe I’m alone here, but I surely have felt this way more than once! When we made the switch to try some “candid” shots it just felt more natural and comfortable and I didn’t feel as awkward posing for a shot around people.

More Pics/Poses to Choose From
When you take a bunch of shots while the subject is moving around and trying different things it allows you to have so many more options when it comes to selecting the best shot/pose and editing. I found when I posed for photos I would maybe do one to three different poses max before giving the spot light to someone else who wanted a nice photo as well. Some photos turn out blurry or out of focus, but you have a tonne of other great ones so I find that it balances out.

Photos Are More Comfortable/Relatable
Nobody really stands naturally the way they do while posing for photos. With “candid” shots (I put candid in quotations because I know the camera is there and taking photos, so not true candid) the poses and stances will better resemble how you look and move in real life and will make you more relatable to your audience. It also looks a lot more natural and authentic.

These are my personal opinions and realizations for shooting candid vs. posed, but if you disagree or have anything to add to this please drop us a comment and I would love to hear from you!

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