3 Things To Do In 1 Evening In Ottawa

The other day when I got off work it was beautiful out (we haven’t seen many nice days this summer) so I decided we would take a walk downtown Ottawa and check out a few spots. I work right downtown Ottawa on Dalhousie St. so it was easy to get to and we didn’t need to pay for parking – bonus! Here are five things you can do in one evening downtown Ottawa.

Check out Major’s Hill Park
This gorgeous park offers something new at various times of the year. In the summer it hosts many festivals, concerts and is just simply amazing to go to. There are statues and historical structures you can check out and it has an amazing view of Parliament Hill – be sure to get a pic!

Photo 2017-07-21, 19 07 01

The National Art Gallery
This beautiful glass building is not only a pleasure to look at and photograph but it also houses some of the most incredible art! They often have different temporary exhibits open to the public as well as some amazing permanent exhibits as well. People often take wedding photos or prom photos in this building because it is so beautiful!

The nicest thing about the Gallery is that it is usually not overly crowded so you can really enjoy and appreciate the artwork and your experience. Try to go on an afternoon during the week.

Byward Market
Everything is pretty close downtown Ottawa so it won’t take you long to walk or bike from MHP to the Byward Market. Check out Clarence St. for some good noms and drinks! We went to El Camino’s which is a Mexican restaurant originally on Elgin St. They are super popular and make amazing taco’s and Margarita’s!

You can also often find street buskers or local farmers or vendors selling their goods in the centre of the market. They sell anything from fruits and veggies, to maple treats, to clothing and jewelry. It’s always important to support local businesses and families.

Have you been to any of these spots? Any awesome spot that we didn’t mention? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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