A Little Bit Of Mexico In Ottawa, Canada

We went for a little walk Saturday afternoon and discovered this neat little place in the Byward Market. It’s called Zak’s Cantina and offers delicious Mexican food, a gorgeous interior, a full bus you can eat inside and a lovely outdoor patio.

Photo 2017-07-15, 17 17 02

The Noms
Their menu has delicious items like Quesadillas, Fish Tacos (my fave!), and foot-long hot dogs complete with Doritos! They have a liquor license too, so be sure to order a margarita! The food was delicious, I ordered the “Dirty Dog” which is a foot-long hot dog that comes with a lot of good stuff. I actually cannot eat that much food in one sitting so I brought about half of it home for leftovers. It was equally as delicious!

The Pricing
For such a cool spot the pricing was really reasonable. I feel like we got a really great quality and portion of food for the price we paid. The environment and overall experience was excellent as well.

Photo 2017-07-15, 17 17 40

The Decor
So the coolest part about this place is that they have an entire BUS inside the restaurant. You can choose to eat at one of the tables inside the bus and you can even go and take a picture driving the bus! They have such beautiful colours and themed decor which really completes the experience. Their patio is gorgeous as well and is actually temporary for the summer – it covers half of the road! In the winter it is dismantled and the road turns back into a two-way street.

This was an amazing lunch experience for us as we love our Mexican food and the environment was absolutely stellar. We will definitely go back again! Are you from Ottawa or have you checked out Zak’s Cantina? Let’s us know what you thought below!

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