10 Items To Make Your Next Trip A Breeze

Before embarking on our trips we always want to ensure we are well prepared and well equipped for anything. While doing so we also want to be cautious of over-packing as this can be a hassle as well as costly if we are checking our luggage. Here are some items you can purchase easily that will make your next trip a breeze, without the hassle!

If you aren’t travelling to a country with different outlets than yours than you may not need this, but if you are this can be a lifesaver! Converters are great to have because you can use them to charge your phones, laptops and other electronics you may have. They are inexpensive, too!

These are one of the best ways to make sure you are not over packing! By placing your items into luggage organizers you can fit much more into your suitcase than you would have if you just tried to cram as much stuff in there as possible. These can also come in handy as little carry bags or a toiletry bag to take with you to the shower/washroom.

Wallets/Travel Organizers
So these actually came in really handy on our trips! We were able to keep everything in check and in one place, which made keeping track of our items much easier and left us with peaceful mind. Having a travel wallet that could fit our passports was #blessed. They can hold quite a bit and they come in a variety of colours!

Travel Pillows
Honestly, I thought these were always silly – but that’s until I was stuck on a plane and couldn’t get comfy to save my life. Now I never go unprepared. Travel pillows are extremely light-weight and easy to carry around, some even fold up for easy storage – you can fit them in your carry-on! For serious sleepers you can even buy ear-plug and sleep mask sets to ensure you are not disturbed while snoozing. Nobody ever looks stylish wearing a travel pillow, but at least your neck won’t be sore and you will be well-rested after your flight.

Luggage Tags
Something so small can make a BIG difference. Imagine this: you’re in an airport waiting for your luggage on the conveyor. Your luggage is black and red – like everyone else’s. What. A. Nightmare. We lived this when we went to Mexico, we had one luggage that was a bright green peacock feather pattern and one that literally looked like most people’s luggage. The difference? We had a luggage tag! I knew which bag was mine the moment it was in my line of sight and didn’t have to go through any hassle. It also ensures that if your bag gets lost it will be easily tracked down to you!

Luggage Locks
Again, a very small and inexpensive way of keeping your belongings and your sanity! You never know where your luggage can end up and in whose hands, so it is always smart to take precautions and lock it up! Keep the keys with you in your carry-on and try to use a luggage that isn’t soft-sided or something that can be easily cut into.

Waterproof Cases
Make sure you buy these ahead of time, they can be expensive to purchase in your destination and they are worth the investment. Instead of worrying about leaving your stuff unattended at the beach bring one of these along. You can put your phone, money, cards, ID’s and more inside of it and it conveniently hangs around your neck – in front of you so you can always see it. Waterproof Cases also help you stay hands-free so you can enjoy your swim or your walk along the beach!

Travel Containers
You can always buy travel-sized lotions and shampoo’s – but you can save a lot more money if you invest in travel containers. You can always clean these out and reuse them as many times as you want with the products you know and love. I had recently dyed my hair (blonde) and required a particular type of shampoo and conditioner to preserve the colour which I couldn’t buy in a travel-sized form. I bought some travel containers instead and I was able to bring along my shampoo, conditioner, favorite body lotion, face cream and even body spray! It made a big difference being able to use my own products while on holidays.

Stylish Luggage
Not just any luggage – stylish luggage. This is more important than you think. Remember how I said it’s important to pick out your luggage from the others quickly? Well, if you’re not sure about getting some luggage tags then why not just invest in some beautiful and bright luggage sets! You’ll be able to spot your bags in seconds without any hassle!

Water Shoes – Yes, Water Shoes
If you don’t plan on swimming on your trip than these aren’t for you, but for those of you that are you should consider investing in a pair. They are pretty light weight (when not wet, of course) and can make exploring much more comfortable. If you know you’ll be going to a spot with many rocks or questionable things in the water than bring some water shoes along.

If there is anything we missed or you think would make travelling a lot easier drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “10 Items To Make Your Next Trip A Breeze

  1. Traveling with Tech July 17, 2017 / 1:53 am

    Stylish luggage is mixed for me. I feel like it might stand out too much and more prone to theft, but good post!

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