MosaiCanada150: Our Experience

Get ready because we took lots of great photos! All summer, until October 30th, Jacques Cartier Parc in Gatineau, Quebec is hosting MosaiCanada150 – a walk-through attraction featuring beautiful sculptures made from plants and flowers! It’s completely free and absolutely beautiful.

I actually stumbled across this through a Facebook ad and since it was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon we decided to take a trip to the park to check it out. If you plan on going, keep in mind it is high tourist season right now in the Capital and there are lots of tourists – I mean LOTS! – it was nearly impossible to get a photo without someone in the background or someone pressuring you to hurry up. Besides it being busy it was an amazing sight to see and we enjoyed the afternoon.

The Sculptures
These are actually incredible to see up-close and in person. Some of them are huge, colourful and complex which make for beautiful photographs. It’s amazing to see the creative processes that must have gone into making these pieces and all the hard work that came along with it!

The Main Attraction
The literal “face” of this installment is the gorgeous lady’s head which comes complete with hands, one of which has a waterfall coming out of it! In most of the ads or posters for the event you see this lady displayed. She is huge! Standing in front of her, you definitely feel short (or maybe that’s just because I’m 5’1). Again, it was very crowded but we were able to snap  a few shots without many (or any) people in the background.

Overall Experience
The event was free, which is a huge bonus (nothing is free anymore) and it was very well organized. They were able to move the line very quickly to get into the park, they gave us a map, there were signs with descriptions and you could even purchase a guided tour for $10.00.

Unfortunately we decided to go at a very busy time (summer and tourist time and on a sunny Sunday afternoon) so it was very crowded. If you decide to go maybe opt for a weekday or after September when the kiddies have gone back to school! They are open from 10am – 7pm on any given day so maybe even towards the end of the day would be a better choice. The park only took us about an hour or so to complete and we stopped to take many pictures so you can probably do this in 1-2 hours at the very most.

If you’ve gone to MosaiCanada150 or plan on going drop us a comment below and tell us about your experience or how our advice may help you out!

2 thoughts on “MosaiCanada150: Our Experience

  1. aintwegotitmade August 6, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    This looks totally amazing!! and thank you so much for the ‘like’. jx


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