Tourist For A Day: Ottawa, ON

I’ve lived about half of my life in Ottawa thus far and I’ve been to most of the sights and attractions there are here. This past weekend was Canada’s 150th birthday and Ottawa, being the Capital, had some great picture-worthy installments. I am fortunate enough to work for a company located in the Byward Market so on my lunch hour myself and my friend (and co-worker!) took a trip to the market to being tourists in our own city for a day.


The Ottawa Sign
I’m sure by now you’ve seen a plethora of photos of people posing with the Ottawa sign in the marker (we hopped on the bandwagon) and have probably flooded your news feeds over the Canada Day long-weekend. It’s actually a great installment, but the location isn’t ideal. Unless you have a fish-eye lens it is very difficult (actually impossible) to get a picture head-on that includes the whole sign. Most photos you’ve seen probably are taken at an angle like mine. This is because there is a narrow walk-way in which they have placed it and they’ve left merely a few feet between the sign and the stands they have in place on the sides.


#StandForCanada Sign
There is a theme here – signs! This was one I had to get a picture with. The time we went was a few days after the long-weekend so there weren’t nearly as many crowds and it was relatively easy to get a shot without many people in the background. This sign was much more easy to get a head-on shot of as it was facing the street and an open walk-way in front of it.

Other Fun Stuff
There were a few other spots that were worth taking photos of like the face-in-hole displays where you could put your face on a man holding a huge fish. There were two other displays which included a polar bear and what seemed to be a shark but there were many little kids in line waiting to get a picture as a polar bear so we let them have the fun! There are many colourful lawn chairs to score some pics of too!

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