Our 5k Color Run Experience

There are many company’s and organizations that host a variety of runs in the summer months all over the globe. These include color runs, obstacle courses, mud runs, foam runs and more. I have always wanted to do these but didn’t have enough money to do them all in one summer (they usually run about $40.00+ CAD). Spending hundreds of dollars on runs can be crazy, especially if you aren’t an avid runner. I try to do one run every summer just for fun and to remind myself how out of shape I am.


Getting There
Our color run was located in Ottawa, ON and was held on an equestrian farm in the West-End of town. The drive there wasn’t bad as it’s located right off the highway, but the line-up to get into the facilities was long and we were not aware you had to pay $10.00 per car for parking (really, $10.00?!). We only ever use debit or credit so having cash on hand is usually never a thing. We had to turn our car around, locate an ATM at the nearest gas station and withdraw money. By the time we got back to parking lot there was no line, which was great, but we were also running pretty late.

Registration was relatively easy, we just walked up to a table and typed our names into this ladies iPad. She then gave us a ticket and some safety pins and we were off to the color table! Here we were able to choose one color pack to throw all over ourselves and then we moved on to the race area.

The Run
Due to the amount of people participating in the race they can only allow so many people to leave the start line at a time and so they would let people go in groups of many 20-50 people at the most. Here they would count you down and then throw color all over you once you began your journey over the start line.

The run wasn’t too challenging, it was only 5 k and the terrain was grassy so there was a lot of give in your step. It was through a field so there were lots of insects (which motivated me to keep running) and the sun was on you the entire time. I was getting pretty dehydrated after about half-way through as I had forgotten to bring a water bottle, but luckily they had a water table and I scored some lukewarm water.

After the run they gave you a “medal” which was really a plastic design on a rainbow lanyard and you could spend some time at the “dance party” which was an outdoor stage and DJ and people were dancing around it.

The experience was great and any downfall was really our own mistakes. The weather was great and I’m glad they had the water tables available! The crowd is very mixed so you get a little bit of everybody (young, old, athletic, out of shape, etc.) which is great for those who aren’t marathon runners because you can always find someone who will be at your pace. The overall environment was fantastic and very upbeat and motivated me to be positive and keep on running – something I think I wouldn’t be as inclined to do if it were a regular, non-themed run. If you have these runs in your area I would suggest checking one out! You can walk, crawl, run whatever you want as long as you get to the finish line!


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