5 Reasons To Go To Niagara Falls This Summer

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Niagara Falls – the famous Horseshoe Falls and the vineyards – maybe you’ve been before and maybe you haven’t. I’ve never personally been to the American side of the falls, but I have been several times to the Canadian side (the best side!). Here at the 5 reasons why you should definitely check out Niagara Falls this summer.

The View is Amazing
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to take a walk along the side of the falls, take amazing photos, feel the mist of the falls and check out the other sights and sounds around. If you are on a tight budget taking a walking tour or just walking around yourself is incredible enough! Don’t forget the check the falls out at night – they project lights on them and it is quite magical.

The Skylon Tower
This is the big tower which overlooks the falls. There are several packages they have available such as going to the observation deck, having lunch or dinner and others. We really wanted to eat dinner at the Skylon Tower (super romantic!) but were tight on cash, so we chose the Early Dinner package instead of the regular Dinner Menu. It is quite cheaper per person and you are able to reserve a table between 4:30pm and 5:00pm. It comes with a salad, an entree and a desert along with dinner rolls and butter. We also got wine! The food was pretty tasty, but the view was what we really went for. While you are dinning away the Skylon Tower rotates so you can get a 360 view of the Niagara Falls area, water falls and all!

The Hornblower
We are all familiar with the famous “Maid of the Mist” but this boat line is located on the USA side of the Falls. If you want to take a trip to the falls by boat and are on the Canadian side then you will be riding the Hornblower. They essentially offer the exact same service except the names vary and you will be wearing a red poncho instead of a blue one.

This was an incredible experience. We were able to book our tickets online the day-of and it was incredibly affordable. They provide you with ponchos to wear while on the boat (you will get wet regardless though!) and the service is very organized. I recommended be early for your boat ride so you can get a great insta-worthy shot at the front of the boat!


Sights and Attractions
Niagara Falls is like a mini Las Vegas. Check out Clifton Hill for some games, haunted houses, wax museums, and more! They even have a huge arcade. We were able to score this “fun pass” which was $25.00 and gave us access to 5 attractions (that’s $5.00 each!). We were able to do Dinosaur mini-putt, Wax Museum, SkyWheel, Upside-down house and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! The best part about the SkyWheel is that is a completely enclosed chair, meaning it is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter for an all-year ride! We even got some tokens included to use in the arcade. It’s extremely convenience because everything is so close together. Clifton Hill is not a very large street so you are able to see everything it has to offer within a few blocks.

Overall the cost of having a weekend trip to Niagara Falls was relatively inexpensive. We did not dine at the finest restaurants or get a 5 star luxury hotel but we had a great time and were able to experience a lot without feeling like we broke the bank. We went over a long weekend, so it was a 2 night stay and 3 days of activities. We were able to walk everywhere as our hotel was right downtown, so we did not need to pay any parking, shuttles or other means of transportation. Our hotel was a 4 star hotel and was a common, well known chain, but nothing fancy and we always ate at pretty average-priced restaurants.

The activities were not pricey at all, and there were a lot more things that we could have done if we had more time. They also have a bird sanctuary, a butterfly house and an indoor water park!

We also drove from Ottawa, ON, which is a little over a 5 hour drive. We had to pay for the cost of gas and that’s about it. So if you are planning to go but live farther where you would need to take a plane, train or other means of transportation then your trip may cost quite a bit more than ours.

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