Day Trip: Gananoque

Gananoque [Gan-A-Nock-wee], Ontario is a tiny little town a little less than two hours from Ottawa. I grew up in Kingston, Ontario as a child and would often take day trips to Gananoque with my parents to go mini-putting, swimming or take a tour on one of their cruise lines.


The Cruises
Marco had never been to Gananoque before and I had not been in many, many years so I booked us a one hour cruise to check out. They have a variety of different cruises which shows you various areas of the 1000 Islands. The cruises range in duration from one hours to five and offer varying experiences. As I know Marco does not have a very long attention span I opted for the shortest tour, which is one hour.

We both enjoyed the trip and learned a lot of fun facts regarding the area which neither of us had known prior to our trip. We got to see many islands and cottages both big and small and learned a little bit about the areas history as well. The weather had turned out well and it was sunny and warm the whole boat ride. We decided to sit on the top roof area of the boat, but for those who don’t want the wind in their hair or the sun on their face there are two other levels for indoors seating.

The Town
Gananoque is a small, tourist town with a lot to offer. After we had completed the tour we decided to stop and get some ice cream and walk around the town for a bit. The town has beautiful old architecture, cobble stone roads (in some areas) and a lovely downtown area with shops and restaurants as well.

Overall Experience
We had a great time and learned a lot as well as getting a nice tan in the process. The tours are very affordable so that is always a bonus and the weather turned out beautifully. The length of the cruise was perfect in terms of being engaged and interested in the tour. We will surely go back again and try another cruise out and go more into the heart of Gananoque.

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