Cenotes: What You Should Know

Before our trip I had absolutely no idea what a Cenote was! A Cenote is an sinkhole or a natural pit which is caused from a collapse of limestone rock that exposes ground water. These cenotes contain fresh water which the Mayan people drink!

Fun Facts:
Due to the high level of calcium in limestone, the ground water is rich with calcium, which the Mayan people in the area use as their drinking water. Not only this, but most of these cenotes are partially or fully closed and underground! Some are so deep down that no light what-so-ever is able to enter the caves (it was awesome!).

Things to Know:
When exploring in the cenotes your tour guides will (or should!) explain to you to always lay flat and do not swim with your feet or walk on the ground as this disturbs the sediment at the bottom. Not only does it make the water look dirty but the others on the excursion with you will not be able to see through the once crystal clear waters.

There are bats – lots of bats. If you are not a fan of bats then maybe this excursion is not right for you. That being said, they are harmless creatures and typically are just flying around or hanging from the ceiling. Try to snap a picture of them when you’re down there!

The catfish are tiny! Here in Canada and even the US the catfish can get quite large, however in Mexico they probably half the size, if not smaller (the ones we saw anyways).

It’s not only dark in there, it’s also really quiet – and important to keep it quiet as well – as this is the home of many types of wildlife including bats, fish, birds and evening some other creatures!

#HashtagTouristsHack: Bring a GoPro or waterproof camera! You will need it! Many tours will offer you a photographer who will snap some shots of you and you can purchase these later in the form of a USB or CD at a fee. I would highly suggest purchasing the photos from the photographer as well. It is always nice to have your own camera and photos and save some pesos but they are professionals who do this for a living and are able to set up the best shots for you!

One thought on “Cenotes: What You Should Know

  1. RyanC June 26, 2017 / 7:13 am

    I didn’t know any of this – the more you know hey!!


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