Snorkeling For Dummies

Before our trip to Mexico I had never been snorkeling before, Marco on the other hand has been snorkeling many times and was a pro. I was slightly nervous at first but it is actually incredibly simple.

Getting Started
There are only really two pieces of equipment, your mask and your flippers. Placing the mask on was not difficult, but remember to keep your mouth piece on the left side! I had mine of the right side for half the excursion and was wondering why I kept getting water in the mouthpiece! Next is the flippers, I am pretty sure they gave me children’s flippers, but they fit me so I’m not complaining. Always put these on IN the water, it is much easier than putting them on outside.

Learning Curve
Now it’s time to get used to your new way of breathing and getting used to your flippers! If you have never worn flippers before it can be a strange sensation at first to maneuver in the water with them on. In no time you will get used to it and it will be easy breezy! The breathing was a lot easier than I had anticipated. I was nervous about feeling claustrophobic or accidentally breathing in a bunch of water, but none of this happened. The only down fall is that you get a lot of saliva in your mouthpiece – yuck!

Also note that you cannot breathe completely submerged in water with this. Your face ONLY goes in the water, not your whole head. Otherwise you really will be breathing in mouth-fulls of agua. You can, however, submerge yourself so long as you are not breathing or breathing OUT while in the otherwise. We did take our life jackets off briefly to take some neat underwater pictures and they turned out quite well!

Enjoying the View
Now that you are a pro at snorkeling you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Yal-Ku Lagoon. They have many different species of fish, coral and other sea creatures that live in the lagoon and in this area, so keep your eyes peeled! Our guide was exceptional at showing us around and teaching us about the different creatures in that area. The tour was very insightful and we had a blast!

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