How To: Getting Through a Plane Ride for Those Who Need Internet

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little addicted to internet. Having access to online games, instagram, facebook, twitter and all the other amazing apps you may love all at the touch of your fingertips, literally. However being on a plane ride can be tough when you are deprived of these luxuries we take for granted.

Tip 1:
The first phase of surviving your airplane ride is before you even board. I made sure to download a plethora of games and activities (that do NOT require an internet connection) to keep me occupied while on the plane and while still satisfying my need to be on a mobile device (it’s sad, I know). I personally enjoy problem solving and puzzle games so I downloaded things like Soduko, Make Hexa, Solitaire, you get the point. As someone who has a relatively short attention span it is important to me that I have a few different apps that I can alternate between.

Tip 2:
Once on board the plane and after take-off it begins to slowly set in that you are completely disconnected from the outside world. Luckily, you have a library of games and activities on your device that keep you occupied – for a limited time. It is also smart to bring along something physical, like paper and a pen if you like to draw or a crossword book, something to keep your hands busy.

Tip 3:
Sleep. You can’t be bored if you are asleep! If your flight is long enough (and quiet enough) then consider reclining your seat back or bringing along a travel pillow to have a little siesta. In no time you will have magically teleported to your destination and you will forget all about the fact that you did not have any access to the internet while up in the sky.

If you have any additional tips or feedback we would love to hear from you! Drop us a comment or shoot us a message from our Contact page!

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