3 Reasons to go to Kool Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If you’re in the heart of Playa Del Carmen and need a beach to relax on, Kool Beach Club is the place to be. We spent two full days at the Kool Beach Club while visiting Mexico, and we wish we could have stayed for more!

The Facility is Gorgeous
From the moment you arrive at the front desk all the way down to the beach this facility is aesthetically pleasing, clean and well kept and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. At the entrance they have an insta-worthy “KOOL” sign that you need to get a picture in front of! They have an amazing pool area that overlooks the beach and tons of chairs and beds that you can rent for the day with your boo or your squad.

We opted for the bed on the first day, it was very spacious and we felt like kings! It’s great because you can adjust the roof and the curtains if needed and they come with pillows! We didn’t realize this to begin with, but when you arrive you will receive a credit in the amount that it costs for the chairs/bed which you rented for the day. This credit can be used to purchase food and drink while at the Beach Club!

The Food and Drink is Delicious
Not only do they have a menu with many options, but their food items are delicious! We ordered a hefty meal on our first day here which included salmon with mango sauce, a whole fish and delicious ceviche! If you have never had ceviche I highly recommend you try some ASAP! It is essentially seafood which is cooked with lemon juice – that’s right – the lemon juice cooks the seafood itself!

They also have delicious Pina Colada’s and a plethora of Coronas to go around! All we drank was Pina Coladas and Coronas while at Kool Beach!! Make sure to drink your Pina Coladas fast though, otherwise they will melt in that hot sun!

There are vendors who can sell you extras for messages, jet skiing, you name it! At an extra cost you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the beach or take a ride on a jet ski down at the water. If you get bored of drinking, relaxing or swimming then you have many options to keep you entertained!

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