The Traveling Duo


Meet the crew! Myself and my partner come from two very different parts of the world, I am born and raised in Ottawa, Canada and my partner is from Caracas, Venezuela – in South America. Recently we decided to make some travel plans, both short term and long term travel goals, and are very excited to share our experiences and knowledge of these amazing destinations with you!

The first trip we ever took together was in May, 2016 when we visited Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada – about a 5 hour drive from our home in Ottawa. Most recently, we have traveled to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for an incredible adventure and will share some of our experiences with you here on the blog. We have plans in the next year to visit Orlando, Florida as well as Cairo, Egypt. Who knows what other plans may come about in the mean time!

We will be sharing the top restaurants, entertainment, excursions, venues and more with you as well as insider knowledge of how to have the best possible experience possible! We cannot wait to continue our adventures!

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