3 Amazing Things About Tulum Ruins, Mexico

Tulum offers many amazing sites and attractions, and the Tulum ruins are just one amazing part of this area! We took a half-day excursion to visit Tulum, and we wished we would have done a full-day!

The Ruins
While the ruins at Tulum may be smaller and much more incomplete than other Mayan ruin sites around Mexico, they are an incredible site to see. You are taken through a small entrance way and into an oasis of crumbled architecture, history and culture. Our tour guide was very informative and we learnt a lot (got a nice tan in the process too!). Unfortunately at this time you are unable to walk in or on the structures at Tulum, but nonetheless they are an amazing site to see.

The Beach
Don’t forget your bikini or swim trunks! You will want to take a dip in the Caribbean Sea at the Tulum ruins. This beach is not very large, so be prepared for crowds – especially because the Tulum ruins see hundreds if not thousands of people per day. (TIP: If you take a far left once you have descended to the beach there is a cliff where you can take beautiful pics beside, and this area is usually not too crowded!). You may see people in boats off the shore and many people taking photographs from up above.

The Shops
The shops at Tulum have some pretty great deals. The staff are very friendly and the souvenirs are great! There is also a #Tulum sign located in the shopping area which is insta-worthy!

One thought on “3 Amazing Things About Tulum Ruins, Mexico

  1. cook the beans November 23, 2017 / 9:17 pm

    I went to Tulum last summer, and you made me travel there again with your post 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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